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New Marketing Strategy to Fast Track Business’s To Thousands of Viewers on Roku, and or Amazon Fire TV

Our Latest Technology Streams Your TV Channels On Demand or Live Stream

Marietta, Georgia, 6/08/2019 — Medical Specialist from Neurologist, Cosmetic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentist, to An Endocrinologist use videos to not only advertise to possible new patients but they are also used to educate patients on what to expect when they visit and or have a procedure performed. We now offer our services to take the same videos, and any future videos turn them into Programs for On-Demand-TV-Channels on Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and even Apple TV.

For the first time with Self-Develop-Channel’s services, this allows companies of any size to compete in the Television Marketing arena. Over 100 million viewers are already on these platforms and still growing. Your viewers will have access to your TV Channel on all viewing devices, TV, Phone, IPad, and more.

Beverly Frazier, the independent TV Channel Developer, states having the technology to allow the company to operate an entire channel on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV simultaneously, will enable them to eliminate the time restrictions of Traditional TV for viewers.  A significant benefit to businesses is the ability to provide their customers and clients with an unlimited amount of video content related to the company and its services.

Now tune in to your channel in your waiting room! When you control your TV-Channel traffic, your videos cannot be interrupted by ads promoting other businesses, allowing you to save money on the high cost of Google Ad-Word Campaigns.

Self-Develop-Channel knows the high cost of advertising on television was out of reach for many businesses. Now with the company’s new technology, they can provide not only On-Demand-TV-Channels Programs for viewers, but they can also offer Live Streaming for events or specials to include scheduling True TV, when businesses want their viewers to enjoy the replay for one week while maintaining a very affordable rate for businesses small, medium or large.

About Our primary focus is developing TV programs which are informative and add value to the TV audience, which is also beneficial to the business owners and maintaining of TV Channels for all types of business owners. We make personalized service a top priority for each business client.


Beverly Frazier Independent/TV Channel Developer

USA: 678- 487-9315

According to eMarketer Amazon should top 55.7 million Fire TV users in 2019 up nearly 15% over the 2018 numbers. eMarketer also predicts that Amazon Prime Video will have 96.6 million viewers in the United States an almost 9% jump over the same period last year.

“We expect that Q4 results will show a continuation of the margin expansion story we’ve seen play out for Amazon over the past several quarters. Advertising has been an increasingly important driver of this story, and the intensely competitive holiday environment should only add fuel to this fire.” Said eMarketer Principal Analyst Andrew Lipsman,

“Thanks to the growing devotion of its advertisers, Amazon’s ad business is growing robustly. Fourth quarter results are expected to reveal an ad player that is on its way to eventually challenge Facebook for the No. 2 spot. It’s also slowly chipping away at search ad dollars that were once going to Google.” Said eMarketer Senior Director of Forecasting Monica Peart.

For all of 2018 Amazon said net sales increased 31% to $232.9 billion, compared with $177.9 billion in 2017. Operating income in 2018 increased to $12.4 billion, compared with operating income of $4.1 billion in 2017.

How To Have Your Own TV Channel Within Weeks


You supply the video content utilizing videos you have on your website and or other video hosting sites like Vimeo or Youtube.

I will design, create and manage the channel for you.

Time to air for a new channel is from 5 days to 4 weeks, depending on the number of programs/videos that you have and turn around time for approval from Roku TV Network, Amazon Fire TV

Additional programs can be aired within hours or days, depending on your requirements.

Getting your brand in front of over 30-million US-based Roku TV viewers, 55.7 million on Amazon Fire TV and now as a Plus, there are millions more from around the world.

Contact me today, and let’s talk about how your business can fit into a televised on-demand-channel ready 24 hours a day, at an affordable rate for small to large businesses. 


VOICE MAIL: 678-487-9315

With your name, email address, phone number In order to provide prompt returns to all contacts, please use the email resource this allows me to return all messages in a much more timely manner, and allows me to address all of your questions at one time, I am a sole entrepreneur, and this helps me to maintain a fast turnaround on getting everyone set up and running with their TV Channels as soon as possible. 

Thank You In Advance For Your Understanding. 


Beverly Frazier

(Independent Channel Developer/Producer-On The Roku TV, Amazon Fire Platforms)


Here are a few channels you can view to get the idea of how your channel would look on screen, 24 hours a day 7 days a week with a massive viewing audience of well over 30 Million US cut-the-cable-cord viewers, you may have not found without having your own TV Channel.

Instead of paying over $20,000 for a few advertising spots for one month, you can now enjoy the benefits of an ever constant flow of viewers yearning to learn more about the services your business can provide to them.

I hope you will take a look at one of the channels below, you too can begin to become a household brand name with thousands of viewers per week enjoying your message the same way they are enjoying the sample of channels below.

Total Body Health Tips Channel:


It’s Time To Change Your Life

On Amazon Fire TV

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