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I am simply a sassy little old grandmother who decided not to allow my sudden decline in health, and the fact of becoming disabled to be the end of my legacy in life.

I am from a family of soldiers, and I to followed in the foot steps of my Grandfather, my Father, and my uncles.  I was in The Army National Guard for 6 years, having never fought in a war like my family members however does not make me feel any less of a soldier.

I will always fight for my family, my country, and my health and strength.  That being said I have since then turned my focus to improving my life by learning video creating, editing, and marketing.

I have added to my arsenal of trade this wonderful world of bringing savings to business owners in the very large market of Television by locating the viewers who have cut-the-cord-with-cable.

This is a very unique market that has up until now remained available more for the wealthy business owners who had millions to shell out for TV ad spots. I am here to assist the local business owners in gaining their share of this mostly untapped market of hungry, savvy viewers who were smart enough to want to save money, yet wanted to have more control over their viewing times and pleasure.

Please feel free to take the proactive approach into gaining more hungry viewers from over 30 million US viewers on The Roku TV Channel Platform without having to shell out over $100,000 just to start.

To top it all off your channel will be branded with your title, your Business Name unless otherwise already taken on the platform.  So what are you waiting for contact me today, and let’s get your business on Television 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, what more could you ask for?

As an added bonus to my new clients I will add short logo video reveal to your video program to add branding to your new channel.  You can see some of the samples on my video marketing website:



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