To learn more about how your business can benefit from leasing a TV Channel on Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV Network and or Apple TV, please fill out the form with as much information as possible related to your type of business, contact information, website URL, phone number, the best time to reach you.  

Please understand that Apple TV is not always guaranteed to get an approved TV Channel for. 

Roku TV Network at times takes up to two weeks are more to get approved. 

Amazon Fire TV can take from 24 hours to two weeks to get approved.  

No channels are guaranteed to get approved, however, I will always work on any corrections which are needed to be updated and returned to the representative for further review. 

As soon as the channel gets approved I will, of course, notify you, and attach a link to your channel(s) so that you may post them on your website with your announcement to your customers about your new channel. 

You can also post your channel information on any social media sites you use, ask your clients, customers, and others to feel free to share your channel address with their friends. 

At any time you need to have a Live Streaming Event, we offer this as an additional service to our TV Channel holders on a one-time low-cost basis and or a monthly basis if this is what you need. 

We also will offer you a really low-cost hosting account (Required) for your videos and the thumbnails required to maintain your TV(s), only one account is needed even if you lease three channels. 

We do not create videos for your business, with our written agreement we will use your current business related videos to create your channel with and any future videos you provide. 

We do only accept business-related videos which meet the standard for (Family Friendly) viewing.  If you are a content video provider and would like to share your videos from your YouTube Channel without leasing a TV Channel, please indicate this information on the form or email me directly and I will discuss the terms of how we work with content providers, however we do not purchase and content for channels, we have a separate profit-sharing agreement for our content providers. 

You can either create a Dropbox and send me a link to the folder with your videos for me to download them, or with your written permission we can download them from YouTube or Vimeo.  There is no need to be concerned about the video size, we will make adjustments where needed for broadcasting on TV.  

The lease agreement for your channel(s) will be for 12 months, you will need to email us with a 30-day notice if you no longer want to market your business on TV.  However, no refunds will be offered.   There is a $500 Non-Refundable-per channel develop and install fee, due with the signed agreement to set-up your channel(s). 

Once we get a better understanding from you about your business marketing needs we will give you a written quote with a monthly maintenance rate or you may want to pay 6 months or in the full 12 months basis. 

Any unpaid invoices will result in immediate suspension of your channel; however, we sincerely hope that your channel will, of course, be a continuing source of new clients to you bringing increase to your bottom line avoiding the desire to want to shut down your TV Channel.

Please keep in mind your videos will be programs, and they need to be in the form of education to your clients, patients, potential customers, and they cannot be in the form of an outright advertisement. 

If your business is in the medical field, for example, your videos will need to be informational about how your office relates to your patients or how a procedure or surgery would be performed, or what types of health issues people need to keep an eye on, when should they contact a physician.  If your videos are very short in length I may need to merge them together with transitions, making them more enjoyable for TV.